A six-hour online introductory training course to writing good quality safety data sheets (SDSs)

Although this training course covers the basic concepts of writing a compliant SDS, its main focus will be on the sourcing, interpretation and use of appropriate data to allow adequate risk management of hazardous chemical products. This is important because of the inter-connectiveness of sections of the SDS, meaning that one section can have significant impacts on others. For example, by understanding the impact physical and chemical properties data (Section 9) has on other sections of the SDS relating to first aid, managing spills, storage and handling and so on. This ensures that the quality of the information provided in these sections will be significantly improved and more useful for your customer.

The main objective is to ensure that the SDS is a useful document to provide users of hazardous chemicals with information to manage risk and to emphasise that an SDS is not simply a form to fill in.

Furthermore, you will also be in a better position to understand the exacting requirements not only from regulators but your customers to provide both compliant and useful SDSs.

By attending this training course, you will learn:

  • The role of the SDS and an overview of the required content
  • The interconnectivity of the 16 sections and how we can utilise this to improve the quality of our SDS
  • data sources and assessment of reliability (i.e. how to assess data and when to refer to your supplier for further information)
  • How your customer will make use of the information you provide in the SDS
  • Problems and pitfalls of writing a compliant and useful SDS
  • How to make an SDS a useful document that goes beyond minimum regulatory requirements

Who should attend?

Anyone who is new to SDS authoring or simply needs to brush up their authoring skills. This course is also useful for anyone who wishes to improve their ability to read and interpret supplier SDSs.

Is this a key topic of interest for your business? We can run this training course exclusively for your organization, as a tailored learning experience. Email us at events@chemicalwatch.com for more information