Understand individual obligations with confidence

The effective management of chemicals in the EU is about more than just knowing about the REACH and CLP Regulations. These may be the most prominent pieces of EU chemicals legislation, but a manager working in the field needs to consider laws and rules in many other areas of work, including those for the export and import of chemicals, and on the use of biocides, pesticides, fertilisers and fluorinated gases (f-gases).

It is crucial that managers at companies that manufacture, import, use and trade in chemicals, are familiar with all aspects of the legislation that may affect their work. 

Parties working with substances on the EU market need to understand their individual obligations, which are currently applicable or upcoming in the future. In this context the two fundamental questions chemicals managers need to address are:

  • what are the legal obligations for my specific product and its specific use? and
  • what matters for my whole portfolio and what does not?

One objective of this course is to give you a robust understanding of how individual pieces of legislation interact. The course aims to empower you in your work and ensure that you do not get lost in the detail of technical discussions.

You will get an overview about recent and/or ongoing reviews of legislation like CLP, f-gases or REACH. This will support you in your efforts to ensure that your company is compliant, avoids business disruption and implements legislation efficiently.

There will be plenty of opportunity to 'raise your hand' and ask questions throughout the training.

Your trainers will be Christian Gründling and Marko Sušnik. They will guide you through the regulatory labyrinth, stop to discuss your questions and share their professional experience with you.

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By attending this course, you will learn:

  • how chemicals are regulated in the EU;
  • about the differing pieces of chemicals legislation and how they interact;
  • what you need to know about REACH and CLP;
  • how to implement chemicals legislation in your company; and
  • what is relevant for you today and what could be in the future.

Is this a key topic of interest for your business? We can run this training course exclusively for your organization, as a tailored learning experience. Email us at events@chemicalwatch.com for more information