Complete and essential training on the REACH Regulation

REACH is the main pillar of chemicals regulation in the EU. As the world’s most comprehensive chemicals regulation it is relevant to all aspects of the industry: understanding your obligations is essential.

This training course will give you a robust theoretical understanding of the REACH Regulation and provide practical guidance on how to meet your obligations. You’ll be introduced to all elements of REACH, including registration, evaluation, authorisation, restriction and communication in the supply chain, as well as the role of Echa.

You will also get insight on what to expect in the coming years, for example, into ongoing issues such as developments around polymers registration or the more aspects, likely to be included in the planned revision of REACH.

Throughout the two-day course, Marko Sušnik (WKÖ/SMEunited) and Christian Gründling (FCIO) will guide you through:

  • the individual regulatory instruments of REACH and how they interact;
  • registration, authorisation, restriction, evaluation and communication;
  • ways to practically implement the Regulation in your company;
  • what is relevant for you today and what will be in the future; and
  • the wider context around REACH with elements announced in the EU's Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) 

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