Steps on how to utilise the database

In this webinar, Bo Balduyck, Tommy Hagg, Clara Rueda and Telmo Vieira Prazeres (Echa), shared some valuable insights into the new Substances of Concern in Products (Scip) database, due to launch in October this year. 

The Scip database is being implemented as the revised waste framework Directive (WFD) requires Echa to develop and maintain a database for articles containing REACH candidate list substances, or SVHCs. Companies producing, importing or supplying such products are required to provide this data from 5 January 2021.

This webinar outlined the step you need to take to get prepared, starting with finding out whether you need to submit a Scip notification or not, to preparing and making your submission, as well as, how the supply chain can use Scip efficiently.

View the webinar recording below:

Topics that were explored include:

  • Simplified notifications using the redistribution model
  • How to share datasets (referencing)
  • Foreign user concept (for others acting on your behalf, e.g. consultants or parent companies)
  • Protection of Confidential Business Information
  • Bo Balduyck, Policy Advisor, Echa
  • Tommy Hagg, Product/Project Manager, Echa
  • Clara Rueda, Scientific Officer, Echa
  • Telmo Vieira Prazeres, Scientific Officer, Echa