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GHS/CLP Intensive Training Course

training course   11 December 2017-11 October 2017 Austria

During this intensive training course, selected expert speakers will take participants through the concepts of GHS/CLP, using practical case studies wherever possible.

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Biocides Europe 2017

conference   5-6 December 2017 Rennweg 16, Austria

A unique opportunity to join our expert panel for a two-day event in Vienna which focuses on the application of the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

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Regulatory Summit Asia 2017

conference   21-22 November 2017 Singapore

A unique opportunity to join our panel of specialist experts as they share practical perspectives and their understanding of global regulatory challenges.

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Biocides Asia 2017

conference   20 November 2017 Singapore

Our fourth annual Biocides Asia conference, shining a spotlight on the use and regulation of biocides in Asia and the rest of the world.

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Chemical Allergies 2017

training webinar   14 November 2017-15 October 2017 14:00 (view timezones)

This webinar provides a more in depth introduction into one of the most common and potentially serious chemical related injuries that can occur in the workplace; the development of an allergic re

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Enforcement Summit Europe 2017

conference   13-14 November 2017 Brussels, Belgium

A lively two-day event, now in its fifth year, providing delegates with the chance to discuss their enforcement challenges with our panel of expert speakers.

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