Justify your event attendance to your manager


Getting the budget buy-in from your manager and making a business case to attend an event may be a challenging task for some, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you with some useful tips and practical resources.

Hints and tips

- Create a sample agenda of the sessions you’d like to attend, with a few short reasons why those sessions would be useful and provide transferable information to your role/business, and which speakers you’d like to network with, or ask your questions to.Emma-C-Chemical-Watch-Expo-2019

- Make sure you have a note of how long the event has been running, how often it’s held, and a background of Chemical Watch, in case they ask.

- Check our ‘Who should attend’ sections of the event to see the job roles and sectors of people that usually attend.

- Some organisations prefer to have a formal letter written when requesting attendance of an event. It can be useful to include an estimated total cost breakdown, including, where applicable:

  • Attendees-at-Chemical-Watch-Expo-2019Registration fee. Mention the early-bird price and the deadline for the discount.
  • Additional fees for materials, special sessions, etc.
  • Transportation
  • Flights or other transportation (to and from the airport and to and from the event venue
  • Car rental
  • Accommodation (including free shuttle bus to/from airport or the event venue, and whether breakfast is included)
  • Meals
  • Parking, and
  • Entertainment.

- Explain how you will share the benefits of attending with your colleagues – you can feed information back after the event, or even attend together, with a group discount (please contact events@chemicalwatch.com to discuss our group discount)

- We’ve also created an email/letter template for you to send to your manager, to save you time.