Biocides Symposium 2022 Highlights

On 11–12 May, Chemical Watch hosted its annual Biocides Symposium, which brought together leading figures from industry, member state competent and regulatory authorities, the European Commission and Echa to give the latest updates on European biocidal regulations. 

Key topics included: 

  • regulatory processes in the European biocides sector;  
  • biocides enforcement;  
  • efficacy updates; 
  • the assessment of EDs; 
  • the sustainable use of biocides; and 
  • how we can stimulate innovation under the biocidal products Regulation (BPR). 



Marta Cainzos Garcia 
Policy Officer, European Commission, DG SANTE 

Simón Gutiérrez Alonso 
Team Leader in the Biocidal Active Substances Unit, Echa, Finland 

Thilo Walther 
Scientific Officer, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Federal Office for Chemicals 

Camelia Mihai 
Sector Group Manager, Biocides For Europe, Cefic, Belgium 

Elodie Cazelle 
Senior Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, AISE, Belgium 

Eugen Anwander 
Senior Scientific Officer, Institute for Environment and Food Safety, Vorarlberg State Service, Austria & Chair of Echa BPR Enforcement Forum, Finland 

Richard Bishop 
Senior Consultant, TSG Consulting 

Philippa O’Donovan 
Senior Biocides Consultant, TSG Consulting 


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‘The Symposium gave a clear and precise overview of the status and the current problems of the BPR.’ 

‘The event was very relevant and the speakers presented very clearly.’ 

‘Useful event with latest updates from the European Commission, ECHA and industry.’ 

‘The event was useful, the topics were interesting and the different views from authorities were good to see.’ 

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