Overcoming the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis – a global picture

The Covid-19 crisis has shaken up the biocides industry: it has caused an unprecedented demand for disinfectants, disruptions to supply chains and shortages of active substances. As industry has rallied to ramp up production and get biocides to market, regulators have adapted legal frameworks with derogations and exemptions for disinfectants in light of the global crisis. Challenges remain, however, with an ever-changing mosaic of measures globally and the supply of, and demand for, disinfectants ebbing and flowing as countries move in and out of lockdown.

Chemical Watch’s Covid-19 Global Overview conference brings together leading figures from industry, member states’ competent authorities and regulatory authorities. Through virtual presentations and Q&As, this line-up of experts will give overviews of derogations in place, supply and demand, rules for getting biocides to market in different countries and industry experiences managing the demand.

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What will the conference cover?

  • The derogations and other measures put in place to facilitate market access of materials and products
  • Supply and demand
  • Rules for getting biocides to market in different countries
  • Industry experiences managing the demand

Why attend?

  • Hear from senior regulatory bodies and industry  experts from across the globe as they give their perspectives on the challenges Covid-19 presents to the biocides sector.
  • Bring yourself up to date on how the coronavirus has impacted the supply of, and demand for, disinfectants.
  • Have your questions answered during the Q&A sessions.
  • Benefit from an entire conference dedicated to getting the right biocides to market during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Enjoy opportunities for online networking with our panel of speakers and your fellow attendees.
  • Replay the recorded presentations, all of which will be made available once the conference has finished. You can watch them again at your convenience.
  • Without having to travel to the event your carbon footprint will be kept to a minimum. And any materials that would normally be printed will be provided digitally, minimising the use of paper.

Who should attend?

  • Representatives of authorisation/registration holders
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Producers, exporters, formulators and retailers of biocidal/antimicrobial products –  including household cleaning products, preservatives, pharmaceuticals and pesticides
  • Advisers and consultants
  • Occupational health professionals
  • Service providers
  • NGOs
  • Lawyers 
  • Other stakeholders in organisations working with or in biocidal products