Learn about upcoming chemicals regulations in India

India’s Chemicals (Management and Safety) Rules (ICMSR) will establish a new, comprehensive chemicals management system in India. A fifth draft is at the moment in circulation which expands compliance obligations under the current legal framework.

According to the draft, there are relatively short timeframes to meet these. Therefore, businesses are strongly advised to prepare in order to achieve timely and effective compliance.

This course will explain the provisions of the ICMSR, covering everything from its scope to safety and accident preparation, including notification and registration obligations for businesses placing chemicals on the market in India. After completing the course, you will be able to identify how the upcoming entry into force of the rules will affect your business and compliance strategies, giving you time to successfully fulfil its requirements.

The course will cover:

  • how the ICMSR builds on the current legal framework in India;

  • the overall approach of the system established under the ICMSR;

  • how Notification, Registration, and Restriction of substances will work under the ICMSR; and

  • what specific compliance obligations apply to different substance categories.

To see more detail on what is covered, see the modules tab on this page.

The authors

This eLearning course is organised in association with Global Product Compliance (GPC) Group.

Global Product Compliance (GPC) Group specialises in regulatory compliance solutions across global sectors. In 2008, GPC started regulatory compliance services with EU REACH, but their mutual growth ideology and client needs have motivated them to venture into the new regulations that emerged worldwide in various sectors, over the past few years. GPC has been steadily growing in terms of technical knowledge, regulatory expertise, and capacity building. Today, GPC operate in seven different sectors including chemicals, cosmetics, and agrochemicals among others, with regulatory expertise in over 40 regulations worldwide.

Why should you book a place on this course?

  • Expertise on the ICMSR – GPC has been engaged in the process of drafting the rules from the beginning. Over the years, they have acquired extensive expertise in them.

  • Customer-oriented learning – Knowledge-sharing is a core principle of GPC. They often run seminars on ICMSR aimed at different target audiences. Therefore, in addition to their knowledge about the rules themselves, they have broad experience in teaching them.

  • Anticipatory – By learning about ICMSR in advance, you will be able to minimise the compliance impacts of these new requirements when in place.