Understand and comply with China's VOC standards

This training course aims to inform companies about what they need to do to comply with China’s new standards for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It will give companies a basic understanding of the VOC standards and regulations and help them to identify the obligations they need to meet. The CIRS Group will also help industries understand and comply with the standards.

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By attending this course, you will learn about:

  •    the background to VOCs in China;
  •    China’s new national standards on VOCs; and
  •    what you can do practically, with advice from CIRS.

Who should attend?

  • Technical/scientific staff who work in a chemical regulatory department
  • HSE staff
  • New chemical safety advisors
  • R&D/sales/marketing teams looking to develop their knowledge of chemistry
  • Anyone involved in the chemical industry or other allied professionals

Other modules in this training series 

Book all four modules in this series for £1,037 (saving £183), membership discounts apply. Please email us to take advantage of this offer.