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Regulatory requirements, customer and community demands, media attention, product recalls, and market opportunities are driving companies and their stakeholders to learn more about the chemicals used in their products and supply chains.  Organisations are now striving for sustainable supply chain models that efficiently manage their chemical footprint on the environment and human health.

With this ever-increasing demand for transparency in the life cycle of Chemicals, the global digitisation of the supply chain now provides us all with the ability to not only uncover new risks but also critical new opportunities to create competitive advantage, innovation, differentiation and community benefit in the management of Chemicals. Those organisations that are passive, reacting only when challenged, face tarnished brand reputation, loss of market share, fines and investor re-valuations.

This convergence of core business strategy and social conscience extends well past the scope of compliance to building societal engagement and trust.  ChemAlert enables organisations to be proactive and create value generating strategies in the management of their chemicals for the benefit of their own organisation, their shareholders, the public and the planet.