The 9th Symposium focusing on Authorisation of Biocidal Products within the Biocidal Product Regulation

This two-day Symposium will focus on Regulation (EU) No 528/2012, and will examine in-depth the various product authorisation processes foreseen within the Regulation. It will include presentations on the Authorisation of Biocidal Product Families. A special feature of Day One of the Symposium will be key presentations from the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency.

Other key issues to be addressed within the Symposium include:

  • The first five years with BPR – what next?
  • Updates from the Biocidal Product Families Working Group discussions
  • Union Authorization of Biocidal Product Families of disinfectant active substances
  • In-situ generation; substances and devices – requirements and equivalence
  • Efficacy requirements for preservative PTs
  • Biocide active substance/product assessment; repellents and disinfectants
  • Enforcement and an overview of the ECHA Forum Subgroup
  • The BPR and its impact on downstream users, including electronics and retailers
  • The need for and approaches to developing new biocides
  • Biocides and innovation
  • Triple challenge: timing/content/cost - an SME perspective on BPR
  • The new scientific criteria for identifying endocrine disruptors: practical implications
  • BPR related cases at the Board of Appeal
  • The impact of Brexit

Biocides Symposium 2018