SiA communication throughout the supply chain: RSLs and related standards

Free webinar series: Global Inter-Sector standard for Substances in Articles (SiA) Communications

Following a discussion at our Global Business Summit in March 2018, the Proactive Alliance held its first Technical Coordination meeting for an inter-sector communication standard on Substances in Articles in May.

The Proactive Alliance's objective is to define a standard to allow 'proactive' companies to provide Full Material Declarations, and can also be used by companies to provide Compliance Declarations based on a list of regulated substances and industry lists of prohibited and declarable substances. 

The Alliance features representatives from a range of sectors - including automotive,  furniture, childcare products, electrical and electronic, mechanical, textiles, sporting goods and medical devices - since being able to track substances in products as they pass through the supply chain is a huge issue for many sectors.

This series of free webinars had been arranged to explain the work of the Proactive Alliance and examine the need for a global inter-sector standard for Substances in Articles (SiA) communication.

The second webinar in this series took place on 6 September, and looked at RSLs and related standards in different industry sectors, looking to improve communication concerning SiAs in the supply chain.

Chair:  Emma Chynoweth, Chief Customer Officer, Chemical Watch

Speakers: Jean-Pierre Theret, Dassault Systemes (RSLs and related standards in different sectors) and Martin Fuehr (Next steps for the Proactive Alliance)


The first webinar in the series, Communicating Substances in Articles across sectors - assessing IPC-1752A took place on 4 September 2018 at 16:00 BST, and featured more speakers from the Proactive Alliance.