IPC-1752A as a starting point for a global inter-sector standard

Free webinar series: Global Inter-Sector standard for Substances in Articles (SiA) Communications

Following a discussion at our Global Business Summit in March 2018, the Proactive Alliance held its first Technical Coordination meeting for an inter-sector communication standard on Substances in Articles in May.

The Proactive Alliance's objective is to define a standard to allow 'proactive' companies to provide Full Material Declarations, and can also be used by companies to provide Compliance Declarations based on a list of regulated substances and industry lists of prohibited and declarable substances. 

The Alliance features representatives from a range of sectors - including automotive,  furniture, childcare products, electrical and electronic, mechanical, textiles, sporting goods and medical devices - since being able to track substances in products as they pass through the supply chain is a huge issue for many sectors.

This series of free webinars had been arranged to explain the work of the Proactive Alliance and examine the need for a global inter-sector standard for Substances in Articles (SiA) communication.

The first webinar in the series looked at IPC-1752A as a starting point for a global inter-sector standard. The end of the webinar provided attendees with the opportunity to have their questions answered by the speakers from the Proactive Alliance.

Chair:  Emma Chynoweth, Chief Customer Officer, Chemical Watch

Speakers: Martin Fuehr (Introduction to the Proactive Alliance), Mark Frimann, Texas Instruments and Aidan Turnbull, BOMCheck (IPC-1752A)


The second webinar in the series, RSLs and related standards in different industry sectors will run on 6 September at 08:00 and 16:00 BST.