Learn the essentials of the EU Biocidal Products Regulation

An EU wide regulatory framework for biocidal products (The Biocidal Products Directive, the BPD) was introduced in 1998 with the aim of harmonising controls on, and free movement of, biocidal products across the European Union. At the time of its introduction, the BPD was one of the most complex pieces of chemicals legislation in Europe covering over twenty different and very diverse product types.
The Directive was, itself, replaced in 2013 by a Regulation. The Biocidal Products Regulation whilst retaining the basic structure of the Directive has introduced new elements and broadened its scope to include, treated articles, in-situ biocidal systems and nanoforms of biocides. The Regulation, together with its supplementary legislation, large numbers of guidance documents and submission manuals presents a significant challenge for industry, regulators, lawyers and other stakeholders in understanding the scientific, technical and procedural processes involved with placing biocides on the market.

This informative eLearning course clearly explains:

  • The background, history, context and scope of the biocides legislation in Europe
  • The approval and authorisation procedures for active substances and products
  • The stakeholders involved and their roles
  • Treated articles
  • Enforcement of biocides legislation 
  • Where to find available guidance, tools and support

How will this course teach me about the Biocidal Product Regulation?

Due to the intrinsic properties of biocidal products, it is important that there are safeguards in place to ensure that they can be used without causing harm to people, animals and the environment. Teaming up with Exponent, we have created this course in an easy to understand format, enabling you to access it anywhere and at any time you want*.

What will be covered?

  • Introduction and context of BPR
  • Treated articles
  • Biocides stakeholders
  • Enforcement
  • Authorisation routes
  • Available guidance

Take a look at the learning outcomes for each of the modules for full details.

Who is this course for?

  • Regulatory Professionals
  • Business and marketing managers
  • New recruits to companies needing a quick start to understanding biocides
    and biocidal Regulation

The authors

This course has been written by experts from Exponent, who, for over 50 years have provided engineering, scientific, environmental and health consulting services across multiple industries, helping companies keep their products safe for use and compliant with regulations.

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Disclaimer: For the smoothest learning experience it is advised to complete the courses either in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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