1. Coffee and registration

  2. Welcome

    Chemical Watch

  3. Session one: North America: Regulations today and in the future

    Chair: Deborah Attwood, Associate, Steptoe, US

  5. US Food Contact: Current and future trends

    • Continuing concerns: GRAS, chemical-specific bans, supply chain communication
    • State initiatives
    • What’s on the food contact horizon?
    Deborah Attwood Deborah Attwood
    Associate, Steptoe
  6. Food contact in 2020: FDA perspective

    • Including the FDA’s food contact notification program
    Elizabeth Petro Elizabeth Petro
    Lead Consumer Safety Officer, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA
  7. The role of retailers in achieving food contact compliance

  8. Q&A

  9. Refreshments

  10. California Proposition 65 and the food contact industry

    Nick Jermstad Nick Jermstad
    Senior Manager, Toxicology & Environmental Assessment, Intertek, USA
  11. State-level updates: Similarities and differences - a panel discussion

    Nick Jermstad Nick Jermstad
    Senior Manager, Toxicology & Environmental Assessment, Intertek, USA
  12. Q&A

  13. Lunch

  14. Session two: Packaging, printing and substance specific updates
  15. Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS)

    Ulrich Wietschorke Ulrich Wietschorke
    Director International Regulatory Affairs, WTConsulting GmbH, Switzerland
  16. PFAS grease barriers in packaging - what will replace them?

    • Learn about current concerns with PFAS in food packaging from research done by the Center for Environmental Health and their engagement with a wide range of public and private purchasers.
    • As more jurisdictions adopt zero waste goals, they are encountering challenges with single-use food service ware products. This session will explore the types of alternatives that are being recommended for and sought out by institutional purchasers
    Sue Chiang Sue Chiang
    Pollution Prevention Director, Center for Environmental Health, USA
  17. Printing inks for food packaging

    Gregory Pace Gregory Pace
    Senior Director, Regulatory Compliance, Health, Environmental & Regulatory Services Intertek, USA
  18. Q&A

  19. Refreshments

  20. Clean packaging and product transparency

    • What is “clean packaging” and why is it important?
    • What are some of the regulatory changes resulting from this movement?
    • What are some of the strategies that major brands are engaging in to address this concern?
    Weldon Williams Weldon Williams
    Sr. Director, Quality Assurance, HAVI
  21. The global challenge of plastic packaging waste and The Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences: A case study

    Stephen Klump Stephen Klump
    Global Head of FCM Safety & Compliance, Nestlé, USA
  22. The future of food safety in food and beverage packaging

    Neil Finley Neil Finley
    Head of Global Food Safety, Henkel Adhesives, UK
  23. Q&A

  24. End of day one / drinks reception

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