Valuable insights from European authorities and industry

In this webinar, experts from the European Commission, Echa, the French ecology ministry and Cefic’s European Biocidal Products Forum provided updates, reasoning and overviews of BPR-related emergency measures relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

The webinar explored the use of emergency derogations under Article 55 of the BPR to help ensure the availability of disinfectants to combat Covid-19. It also covered some of the biggest challenges facing the biocides supply chain, and took a closer look at some of the derogation measures that the French competent authority has adopted.

View the recording below:

In addition, the webinar looked at the following topics:

  • how to maintain the supply of disinfectants that are effective against Covid-19;
  • the European Commission and Echa’s response to the coronavirus emergency; and
  • implementation of Covid-related BPR derogation by the French competent authority (PT1 derogation, article 95 derogation, general rather than multiple individual, product specific derogations & other disinfectants PT2/4).


  • Klaus Berend, Head of unit, Pesticides and Biocides, DG Sante, the European Commission
  • Hugues Kenigswald, Head of unit, Biocides Assessment, Echa
  • Olivier Gras, Deputy Director, Office of Chemical Products, General Directorate for Risk Prevention, the French Ecology Ministry
  • Ian Watt, Global Regulatory Sciences and Advocacy Manager, Microbial Control, Specialty Products, DuPont & Chair of the CEFIC Sector Group, The European Biocidal Products Forum, EBPF

Co-authors of industry presentation and available to answer questions will also be:

  • Elodie Cazelle, Senior Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, A.I.S.E.
  • Camelia Mihai, Manager, The European Biocidal Products Forum EBPF, Cefic


  • Cristina Garcia, Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch

We'll be discussing the global impact of Covid-19 on the biocides industry at the virtual conference, Covid-19 Global Overview: Getting the right biocides to market, taking place on 16 September. Find out more