Highlights from the 2020 conference

Our Biocides Europe 2020 virtual conference, which took place on 1–2 December, provided delegates with the latest developments on biocidal regulations in Europe and further afield.

Using a mix of presentations, panel discussions and Q&A sessions, the conference welcomed experts from European Commission, Echa, Ecolab, ARCHE Consulting, Enviresearch and more, who discussed the following topics: 

  • the assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) under the BPR;
  • the product authorisation and active substance renewals processes; 
  • how to optimise the registration process for applicants and authorities;
  • efficacy updates and recent developments in testing and modelling;
  • sustainable use, innovation and scope issues under the BPR;
  • emerging/horizontal issues for biocides; 
  • how the biocides sector is navigating the Covid-19 crisis; and
  • the impact of both Brexit and the EU’s recently announced EU chemicals strategy for sustainability.

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Martinus Nagtzaam
Policy Officer, European Commission, Belgium

Claudio Putzu
Regulatory Officer, Echa

Andrea Wegner
Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ecolab

Silvia Wagner
Managing Director, spectra Consult


David Dillon
Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch

Yann Maximilien
Deputy Head of Biocides Efficacy Unit, ANSES

Daniela Romano
Senior Consultant for Biocidal Products, Eurofins

Cindy Van Der Meer
Account Manager Biocides, CTGB

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