Comprehensive overview of China’s MEE Order 12 guidelines

This online training course aims to give companies valuable and up to date information on registering new chemicals under China’s MEE Order 12. It will give companies a basic understanding of the Regulation which came into force in January and the accompanying Guidance on Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances in China.

The training will help companies identify their obligations under the Regulation, and highlight what needs to be registered, and will cover the general registration procedure and its data requirements, and look at how to protect data. It will also examine the company’s post-registration obligations.

The CIRS Group will also share its registration strategy and give case analyses, based on more than a decade of experience. 

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By attending this course, you will:

  • learn about the regulation's scope, exemptions, notification body and the new concepts that go with it;
  • get a comparison of MEP Order 7 and MEE Order 12;
  • learn about data requirements, data exemptions, notification strategies, application procedures and data protection;
  • hear case analysis and practical advice;
  • learn about post-registration obligations;
  • understand transitional measures between MEP Order 7 and MEE Order 12;
  • learn industrial perspectives on reaching compliance; and
  • develop your understanding of chemistry.

Who should attend?

  • Technical/scientific staff who work in a chemical regulatory department
  • Health and safety staff
  • New chemical safety advisors
  • R&D/sales/marketing teams looking to develop their knowledge of chemistry
  • Anyone involved in the chemical industry or other allied professionals

Other courses in this training series 

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