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Markus Pogrzeba

Markus Pogrzeba

Product Owner, Process Industry, opesus

Markus Pogrzeba is co-founder of and Product Manager at opesus AG, a software company based in Germany that specializes in the development of software solutions across industries that complement SAP’s Product Compliance solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the field of product compliance consulting and software engineering, Markus is an expert in product compliance solutions.

Prior to opesus AG, Markus worked as a Consultancy Manager at SAP and before that as a Project Manager, Consultant, and Developer at TechniData AG, where he gained extensive knowledge of SAP’s Product Compliance software. With a passion for sustainability and the vision of a company that not only serves, but delights customers, Markus decided to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions and joined opesus AG in 2013.

Since then, Markus has led the development of opesus AG's flagship product, opesus EHS Product Notification, which helps chemical companies comply with regulations related to notifications of chemical products. His expertise in the field of software development and deep understanding of the chemical industry has made opesus AG a trusted partner for chemical companies around the world.

Markus has also been recognized for his contributions to the chemical industry, having been invited to speak at various conferences and events. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights with others and is committed to driving innovation in the chemical industry through the use of cutting-edge software solutions.