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Pearl Nemeth

Pearl Nemeth

Global Sustainable Chemistry Co-ordinator, Anthesis Group

Pearl holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering and a post-graduate degree in Experimental Toxicology. She has over 15 years of regulatory experience. After several roles in industry, e.g. at Rhodia (Solvay), Pearl moved into the consulting field in 2014 and joined Anthesis-Caleb in early 2016, as an expert on REACH-related issues. During these years she has also gained considerable experience in chemical screening, hazard assessment and exposure modelling, engaged in supply chain interactions and provided the technical support for a successful appeal under REACH.

Pearl is the Global Sustainable Chemistry Co-ordinator at Anthesis, focusing on policy development and projects going beyond compliance, around issues like the interface between chemicals and circular economy, LCA and emerging product-related legislation.