An informative and lively event bringing together the regulatory community

This year’s Chemical Watch Expo offered attendees the prime opportunity to get up to date with the latest regulatory developments and seek out future service providers through expert workshops and a vibrant expo, all over two days.

Having taken place in Brussels on 12-13 June, the Expo addressed key developments in chemicals management and regulations across Europe, America, Asia and the rest of the world, with the help of representatives from leading organisations such as Fieldfisher, Steptoe & Johnson, Keller and Heckman, Intertek, knoell, and ECHA.

Key topics covered at this year’s Expo included:

  • Biocidal product authorisations strategies and issues under the BPR
  • New chemicals under new TSCA
  • California’s Proposition 65
  • Regulatory developments in China, Vietnam, and Thailand
  • Eurasia-REACH
  • REACH compliance in the EU
  • Brexit
  • RoHS2 phthalate substance restrictions

View the full 2019 programme here

Key speakers

Herb Estreicher Partner
Keller and Heckman, USA

Lynn L. Bergeson
Managing Partner, Bergeson & Campbell, USA

Aidan Turnbull
Director, BOMcheck, UK

Rose Passarella
Senior Manager, Regulatory, Chemicals, Intertek, USA

Margot Mägi
Data Availability Unit, ECHA, Finland

Jane Vergnes
Vice President, Scientific Affairs; Director of Toxicology, The Acta Group, USA

Yaprak Yüzak Küçükvar
Manager, RGS Turkey, Turkey

Eléonore Mullier
Senior Associate, Steptoe, Belgium

Martin Kappel
Solution Consultant, Veeva, Germany

View all speakers here


“The Expo offered interesting talks and all speakers were clear and intelligible.” – Charlie Parsons, REACH Support, LUSH

“The Expo covered different kinds of topics, and had the ability to talk to specialists from different regions.” – Ann Leemans, Product Compliance Manager, Brady

“The event covered current and extensive topics that are important to industry globally.”

“Good quality presentations and knowledgable speakers. It was very helpful to get updated information from reliable sources.”

“Lots of different aspects of regulations around the globe.”

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Chemical Watch Expo 2019, 12-13 June, Brussels, Belgium

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