Two days dedicated to the latest updates in food contact regulations

Food contact regulations continue to be complex and fast-moving. This event from Chemical Watch brings together a team of outstanding speakers from Europe to offer the latest developments in EU legislation, along with speakers from across the world to discuss international regulations.

Across the two-day conference, we’ll be focusing on the most important updates for those working in and around food contact; bringing the most recent results from the EU rules on FCMs and what it means for those working in the world of food contact. We'll also explore other hot topics including how FCMs have been affected by sustainability initiatives across the world. The conference will provide valuable insights and understanding on what’s happening now and what will happen in the future, as well as expert perspectives from across the world covering the US, China, MERCOSUR and more. 

Through an engaging mix of presentations, panel discussions, and Q&As, the annual conference brings together over 20 experts in global food contact regulation and offers expert guidance from regulators, specialist consultants, and industry.  

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Why you should attend this year's Food Contact Regulations Europe

  • Expert panel: Meet and network with representatives from key European countries.
  • Current thinking: Find out about the current and future state of the landscape for food contact regulations in Europe, plus updates from around the world.
  • Time efficiency: Bring yourself completely up-to-date with the complex and changeable landscape of food contact regulations throughout Europe over just
    two days.
  • Focus: Stay on top of the latest thinking across a wide range of jurisdictions.
  • Q&A panel sessions: Ask experts your specific questions during the multiple Q&A sessions. Remember, you can always send in written questions in advance of
    the event.

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Who should attend?

  • Packaging product designers
  • Food scientists and technologists
  • Food processing engineers
  • Brand owners
  • Material suppliers
  • Businesses affected by food contact regulations
  • Product development technologists
  • Technical service managers
  • Purchasing and procurement personnel (for FCM)
  • Chemicals companies
  • Government regulators
  • Law firms
  • Those working in manufacturing, packaging, retail or catering of products based on polymeric materials (plastics, rubbers, resins, etc)

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