Karolina Zazvorkova

Policy Officer, European Commission, Belgium

Kelly Scanlon

IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries, USA

Kevin Pollard

Head of Unit – Exposure and Supply Chain, Echa

Steven Andrews

Subject Matter Expert, Environmental Stewardship and Policy, Assent Compliance, UK

Ruxandra Cana

Partner, Steptoe and Johnson

Axel Brenner

CEO and Founder of axpertis focusing on Substance Management, axpertis, Germany

Susanne Baker

Head of Programme, Environment and Compliance, techUK

Doreen Fedrigo

Head of Circular Economy Policy, European Environmental Citizens' Organisation for Standardisation (ECOS), Belgium

Michael Kirschner

President, Design Chain Associates, LLC, United States

Jan Daem

Environmental Compliance Officer, Barco, Belgium

Fanyu Zhang

Environment, Health & Safety Fellow, IPC International

Randy Flinders

Senior Manager, Product Support, GreenSoft Technology, United States

Lawrence Heim

Director of Innovation and Partnerships, Responsible Business Alliance

Christophe Garnier

Global Environmental Standards Manager, Schneider Electric, France

Adrian Beard

Head of Market Segments, Flame Retardants, Clariant GmbH

Nathan Williams

CEO, Minespider

Adam McCarthy

Vice President Government & Public Affairs, Cobalt Institute

Aidan Turnbull

Director, BOMcheck, UK

Kevin Bradley

Secretary General, BSEF – The International Bromine Council