Get to the heart of the regulatory issues within food contact

Food contact materials (FCM) are materials or articles that come into contact with food (and beverages), such as packaging, containers, machinery (used to process foodstuffs), as well as kitchenware and tableware. Food contact materials have the potential to affect human health and the environment, so ensuring compliance with food contact regulations is of the utmost importance to those manufacturing, producing or even selling food contact materials.

FCM regulations continue to be complex and fast-moving, with increasing consumer demand for information and developing technologies. This event from Chemical Watch, now in its third year, brings together a team of outstanding speakers from North and South America to offer the latest developments in federal and state level-legislation along with global FCM regulations.

Over two days, the annual Food Contact Regulations USA conference offers guidance on the latest developments in food contact materials from experts (including regulators, specialist consultants, and industry) through a series of informative presentations, panel discussions, and interactive Q&As.

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Why should you attend? 

  • Gain valuable contacts in the food contact sector: Meet and network with professionals throughout the supply chain working with the food contact materials regulations, and share your experiences in the sector.
  • Current thinking: Find out about the current and future state of the landscape for food contact regulations in the USA, Latin America, and Canada, in addition to the EU and China.
  • Time efficiency: Bring yourself completely up to date with the complex and changeable landscape of food contact regulations throughout North and South America by attending this two-day focused event.
  • Dual perspectives of regulations: Hear from regulators and consultants to explain the expectations of compliance with food contact regulations as well as industry representatives to share their practical experiences working with food contact regulations.
  • Focus: Stay ahead of the latest thinking across a wide range of jurisdictions.
  • Q&A panel sessions with food contact experts: Have your specific questions answered by making use of the multiple Q&A sessions. Remember, you can always send in written questions in advance of the event.
  • Look to the future of food contact regulations: There are high expectations for sustainability and recycling in the future of food contact regulations, whilst maintaining compliance and managing budgets for research and development. That's why we are finishing the conference with a panel session featuring insights from the experts looking to the future of packaging materials.

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Who would benefit from attending?

  • Packaging product designers
  • Food scientists and technologists
  • Food processing engineers
  • Brand owners
  • Material suppliers
  • Businesses affected by food contact regulations
  • Product development technologists
  • Technical service managers
  • Purchasing and procurement personnel (for FCM)
  • Chemicals companies
  • Government regulators
  • Law firms
  • Those working in manufacturing, packaging, retail or catering of products based on polymeric materials (plastics, rubbers, resins, etc.)

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