Please note, timings for day one are in CST (China Standard Time)

  1. Day one welcome and introduction

    Chemical Watch

  2. Session one: Updates from Australasia
  3. Regulatory developments from New Zealand

    Representative from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), New Zealand

    Peter Day Peter Day
    Senior Advisor, Regulatory Systems and Operational Policy, Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), New Zealand
  4. The role of overseas chemical suppliers in the Australian industrial chemicals scheme

    Dr Rebecca Janson Dr Rebecca Janson
    Senior Regulatory Scientist, Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme
  5. Q&A

  6. Session two: Chemical regulations in China
  7. Regulatory developments in China

    Lila Tao Lila Tao
    Chemical Regulatory Consultant, Chemical Legislation Compliance Department, CIRS China
  8. China’s screening process for chemicals: an update on the draft technical guidelines

    Lisa Zhong Lisa Zhong
    Project Director, China National Chemical Information Center Co, Ltd
  9. Round-table  Chemical regulations in China and the outlook for 2022: an industry perspective

    Speakers include:

    Jeff Li Jeff Li
    Principal Scientist, Procter & Gamble, China
    Lingzhen Dong Lingzhen Dong
    Director-Asia Pacific Region Environmental Product Compliance and Sustainability, Johnson & Johnson, China
  10. Q&A

  11. Break and sponsor workshops

  12. Sponsor workshop from REACHLaw: India REACH

    Gagan Kumar Gagan Kumar
    Director, REACHLaw India Private Limited, India
  13. Session three: Development of regulations across other Asian countries
  14. K-REACH updates

    Junho Lee Junho Lee
    Director, CIRS Group Korea, South Korea
  15. Taiwan's chemical management: five year reviews and proposals to amend regulations

    Jowitt Li Jowitt Li
    Director, Chemical Safety, Safety and Health Technology Center (SAHTECH), Taiwan
  16. Thailand chemical management regulations and updates

    • Hazardous substance Act
    • The hazardous substance list
    • Existing chemical inventory
    •  The 2021 – updates
    Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai
    Asia-Pacific Business Development & Regulatory Policy Director, knoell, Thailand
  17. Perspectives from Japanese government and industry toward 2030 based on the well-balanced regulations and self-initiatives

    Emiko Hase Emiko Hase
    Chemicals Regulatory Affairs/ SAICM Committee Secretariat, Kao Corporation, Japan
  18. Session four: Global regulatory cooperation
  19. Q&A

  20. Break

  21. Global regulatory cooperation initiatives in Asia, Europe and the Americas

  22. Global data sharing

    Willi Muenninghoff Willi Muenninghoff
    Ramboll Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
  23. Global regulatory cooperation: harmonised technical tools for chemical safety policy implementation

    Bob Diderich Bob Diderich
    Head of Division, Environment Directorate, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  24. Q&A

  25. End of day one

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