Rémi Lefèvre

Head of Unit Risk Management II, ECHA

Therese Lilliebladh

Product Requirement Manager, Chemicals, IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Range & Supply

Mario Waegemann

Head of Product Environmental Protection & Compliance, Siemens Healthineers

Aidan Turnbull

Director, BOMcheck, UK

Hannela Artus

Senior Officer, Environmental Technology Department, Ministry of the Environment, Estonia

Romano Ruggeri

Project Leader IMPEL “Waste Management and Circular Economy”, EU network for the implementation and enforcement of environmental law (IMPEL)

Enrique Garcia John

Policy Officer, European Commission / DG Environment / Waste Management and Secondary Materials Unit

Telmo Vieira Prazeres

Scientific Officer, ECHA

Claudia Mensi

Technical Manager, European Waste Management Association (FEAD) and A2A Ambiente S.p.A.

André Mandel

Head of Corporate Communications, Scholz Recycling GmbH

Elise Vitali

Policy officer on chemicals, European Environmental Bureau, Belgium

Ioannis Dosis

Scientific Expert, UBA

Mikael Larsson

Researcher, Division Materials and Production, RISE

Donald Ballard

Senior Manager Product Environmental Compliance, Coherent

Erwin Annys

Head of Unit Support and Enforcement, ECHA, Finland