Timings are in CEST (Amsterdam)

  1. Grow your knowledge, your network, and your voice with the Chemical Watch Professional Development membership

    Presentation and sneak peek of the Professional Development membership platform which provides year-round access to Chemical Watch's world-leading events and training programme – for your whole organisation.

    Paul Viot
    International Business Development Manager, Chemical Watch
  2. Updates from Latin America

    In this session, Cristina Garcia will update us on the current status of regulatory activities and discuss the recent developments in Latin American countries. Cristina will focus on chemicals management, GHS implementation and transport of Dangerous goods.

    Cristina Garcia Cristina Garcia
    Project Manager, Knoell Iberia S.L.
  3. Refreshments

  4. Developments in US State Level Regulations

  5. Relevance of Northern American chemical compliance trends for European enterprises: How European enterprises can leverage results of their EU regulatory activities

    In order to do business in North America, European enterprises need to not only comply with their regional regulatory requirements, but also with the requirements of the market of sales. After all, non-compliance can result in restricted access to the North American market, huge fines, and even substantial brand reputation damage.

    In this session, participants will learn more about the regulatory trends in the North American market, and how they stack up to their European equivalents. How does TSCA compare to REACH, why is Prop65 so different from European regulations, what are denominators when it comes to PFAS? And most importantly: how can companies leverage the efforts of their EU based regulatory activities to keep pace with the North American requirements?

    Marcus Schneider Marcus Schneider
    Senior Subject Matter Expert, Product Compliance, Assent Compliance
  6. Lunch

  7. TSCA Current Activities

    Including updates on:

    • Current Policies
    • Persistent, Bio accumulative and Toxic (PBT) rules
    • Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
    • Confidential Business Information (CBI)
    Rose Passarella Rose Passarella
    Director - Chemicals Group, Intertek Assuris, USA
  8. Refreshments

  9. Canada - Updates on CEPA Reform

    • Updates of the New Substances Program, New Guidance Document
    • Discussion on Bill S-5 - Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act (aka an update to CEPA 1999).
    Dan Bastien Dan Bastien
    Senior Director and Head of Chemicals, Intertek, Canada
  10. Close of Day Two