Choice of break-out sessions:

A: ED criteria OR B: BPR impact on industry/SMEs



    Michael Werner Michael Werner
    Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Prosacon GmbH, Germany
  2. Impact of ED criteria implementation on review programme including first experiences and challenges for biocidal products

    Stine Jensen Stine Jensen
    Academic Officer, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark
  3. Practical implementation of the ED guidance

    • How to evaluate and generate data for dossiers
    • Usability of older guideline studies for ED assessment
    • Consequences of data generation vs. animal testing and animal welfare
    • Importance of WoE approaches
    • Approaches for actives versus non-actives
    Michael Werner Michael Werner
    Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Prosacon GmbH, Germany
  4. Application of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) in the definition of endocrine disruptor properties of biocide substances

    Costanza Rovida Costanza Rovida
    Scientific Officer and Senior Regulatory Specialist, CAAT-Europe, Konstanz University and Team Mastery, Italy
  5. Q&A Session

  6. Refreshments

  7. Session 5: Biocides in the supply chain


    David Dillon David Dillon
    Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch
  9. The “Good Chemistry” of biocides - a public-facing resource for U.S. consumers, industry professionals and regulators to learn more about biocides and combat misperceptions

    • 2 years of research findings
    • “Aha” moments and lessons learned
    • It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear
    • The end result – how to communicate the benefits of biocides
    Komal K. Jain Komal K. Jain
    Executive Director, Center for Biocide Chemistries, USA
    Sarah Jane Scruggs Sarah Jane Scruggs
    Director of Product and International Communications, American Chemistry Council, USA
  10. The ‘Consortium’ concept for biocidal products

    • Regulatory aspects (‘Biocidal Product Family’ & ‘Same Biocidal Product’ concepts)
    • Legal considerations (structure, antitrust, data sharing)
    • Active substances & products eligible for consortia
    • Setting-up process & timeline
    • Strengths & weaknesses of making the consortium choice
    Eléonore Mullier Eléonore Mullier
    Senior Associate, Steptoe, Belgium
    Nathalie Hanon Nathalie Hanon
    Manager CEHTRA Spain and Head of Biocides, CEHTRA, Spain
  11. What is the level of awareness about the value and benefit of biocidal products in the professional and personal life of consumers?

    Francesca Fasano Francesca Fasano
    Head of Business Unit Agro/Biocides, Chemsafe Srl, Italy
  12. Q&A

  13. Session 6: Panel
  14. After 5 ½ years is the BPR achieving its aims?

    Moderator: Camelia Mihai, Sector Group Manager, European Biocidal Product Forum - Cefic, Belgium


    • Erik van de Plassche, Chair Biocidal Products Committee, The European Chemicals Agency, Finland
    • Ian Watt, Global Advocacy and Government Affairs Manager, Dupont Microbial Control, UK
    • Michael Werner, Senior Expert, Regulatory Toxicology Biocides, knoell Germany GmbH, Germany
    • Andrew Goodyear, Partner, ERM, UK
  15. Lunch

  16. Session 7: Innovation, alternatives to and sustainable use of biocides
  17. Sustainable use of biocides: what are we speaking about?

    • Sustainable use of biocides: a concept that goes beyond safe use of biocides
    • Integrated pest management
    • Issues of concern to OECD governments
    • OECD activities to answer to OECD government concerns
    Sylvie Poret Sylvie Poret
    Principal Administrator, Environment, Health and Safety, OECD, France
  18. Preservatives in paints and detergents: Outcome of the workshop on innovation and challenges

    • Challenges faced by downstream users of in-can preservatives
    • Current innovation in the field
    • Outcome of the workshop
    Elodie Cazelle Elodie Cazelle
    Senior Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, A.I.S.E, Belgium
  19. Sustainable use of insecticides

    Cristina Folli Cristina Folli
    Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Endura S.p.A., Italy
  20. Q&A

  21. Refreshments

  22. Session 8: Brexit
  23. Deal or no deal: biocides strategy under uncertainty

    • The setting: some key facts
    • Good old times: strategy planning
    • Complexity & dynamics: agility prevails
    • Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: total cost of ownership
    • One for all – all for one: invest decision and macro impact
    Matthias Raduner Matthias Raduner
    Head Regulatory Affairs EMEA, Brenntag Holding GmbH, Germany
  24. Practical tips and tricks: what companies need to do now

    • How to maintain market access to the UK and EU 27 markets
    • Data sharing negotiations post-Brexit
    • Cost saving tactics
    Darren Abrahams Darren Abrahams
    Partner, Barrister & Avocat, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Belgium
  25. Q&A

  26. Close of Symposium