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The annual Enforcement Summit is held in conjunction with Regulatory Summit Europe, part of the Global Regulatory series, held annually in Europe, Asia and North America. The European and North American Summits are scheduled in October, and the Asia Summit is normally held in November.

Chemical Watch Global Regulatory Summits have been held since 2013, serving the global regulatory community by offering annual updates on important developments in chemicals control legislation from around the world.

The annual Summits bring together hundreds of participants and speakers from regulators and international organisations, as well as experts from industry and academia, together with the service provider community.

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The seventh annual Enforcement Summit offers special perspectives and understanding of European and global regulatory enforcement challenges.

Over two days, expert speakers from government regulators, industry and consultancies, will share their perspectives and understanding of European and global regulatory enforcement challenges.

The main focus of the Summit will be the enforcement of REACH and CLP in Europe, but will also explore other European regulations, including the enforcement of POPs, RoHS and food contact materials (FCMs).

There will also be a post-Summit workshop, Preparing for Inspection, taking place on 18 October at the Le Châtelain Hotel in Brussels.

Key topics at the Enforcement Summit 2019

  • Updates from the ECHA Enforcement Forum
  • Enforcement of restrictions under REACH
  • Updates from key Member States, including Sweden and the UK
  • ECHA’s efforts to boost compliance with regards to dossier updates and evaluation procedures
  • Enforcement for trade and commerce
  • Working with customs authorities

Why should you attend this year's Enforcement Summit?

  • Updates and insights from senior representatives from regulators across the EU and further afield;
  • Key information on key enforcement issues over just two days;
  • A chance to attend the practical post-Summit workshop, Preparing for Inspection;
  • Enforcement Summit is a unique annual event, the only of its kind in Europe;
  • Get your questions answered by the authorities behind the regulations;
  • Make new industry contacts; and,
  • Keep up to date with the complex and changing landscape of enforcement.

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Who should attend the Enforcement Summit?

  • Regulatory affairs managers
  • Compliance managers
  • Risk assessment managers
  • Product registration managers
  • EHS professionals
  • Government regulators
  • Toxicologists
  • Product stewards
  • Service providers
  • Lawyers
  • Consultants

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