The latest updates in European biocidal regulations direct from the experts

Biocides Europe focuses on key aspects of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 concerning the approval of active substances and authorisation of biocidal products.

Presentations include the latest developments from the European Commission and ECHA, as well as drilling down to the recent updates of this complex regulation.

Why you should attend this year's Biocides Europe

  • Expert panel: Listen to senior representatives from European institutions, regulators from member states together with industry representatives from across the EU and elsewhere in the world.
  • Current thinking: Gain valuable insight into the state of play of the BPR.
  • Time-efficient: Bring yourself up-to-date with the complex and changeable regulatory landscape concerning biocides by attending two conference days.
  • Q&A panel sessions: Ask the experts your questions answered during the Q&A sessions. Remember, you can send any questions you might have concerning biocidal regulations in writing prior to the event.
  • Focus: Get up-to-date with the BPR since implementation and learn about developments in the rest of the world.

Who should attend Biocides Europe?

  • Representatives of authorisation/registration holders
  • National competent authorities
  • Producers, exporters, formulators, and retailers of biocidal products
  • Government regulators
  • Advisors and consultants
  • Service providers
  • All other stakeholders

Justify your event attendance to your manager

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