The latest PFAS regulatory updates

Following a successful inaugural edition in 2020, this virtual conference will bring together experts and stakeholders for a comprehensive discussion on the latest regulatory developments around the use of PFASs.

We are seeing increasing global regulatory action on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), particularly in the EU and North America. For example, the European Commission’s recently published chemicals strategy for sustainability – widely regarded as launching the most far-reaching regulatory measures in the EU in more than a decade – promises a comprehensive action plan to address this group of chemicals, including phasing them out of consumer products. Five European countries have agreed to prepare a restriction proposal covering the entire group of more than 4,700 substances, while Echa has announced its intention to restrict their use in firefighting foams.  

In the US, there has also been a great deal of regulatory action both at federal and state level. The US EPA is nearing completion of a proposed PFAS reporting rule under TSCA which will require manufacturers to submit detailed information on these compounds to guide regulatory action.

At this virtual conference, key stakeholders from regulatory authorities, industry and academia will focus on fluoropolymers and their alternatives in the EU, and look at regulatory trends in the US, including the regulation of PFASs as a class.

Key topics

  • The future of fluoropolymers beyond the proposed EU PFAS restriction
  • Exposure and life cycle issues of fluoropolymers
  • Alternatives to fluoropolymers
  • US federal and state level updates

Who should attend

  • Regulatory affairs managers
  • Compliance managers
  • EHS directors
  • Sustainability managers
  • Product safety/quality control professionals
  • Government regulators
  • Toxicologists
  • Product stewards
  • Service providers
  • Lawyers
  • Consultants

Why attend?

Expert speakers: hear practical insights from the key stakeholders as they give their perspectives on the latest developments around PFASs.

Q&A panel sessions: have your questions answered at the various Q&A sessions during the conference. You can submit any questions you might have for the expert speakers in writing before the event.

Networking: opportunities for online networking with our panel of speakers and fellow attendees.