Enforcement Summit Europe 2018: Highlights

Last year’s sixth annual Enforcement Summit Europe, which took place on 24-25 September in Brussels, provided a unique opportunity for attendees to join our expert panels of EU and Member State officials, regulatory managers from industry and professional advisers, to hear their perspectives and understanding of both European and global regulatory enforcement challenges. The panel discussion sessions throughout the event provided insight into industry’s enforcement questions from the perspectives of the most important stakeholders.

Day one of the summit focussed on REACH and CLP enforcement, and covered:

  • High-level overviews
  • REACH Registration and authorisation obligations
  • Internet sales, SVHCs in articles, registrations and CLP

Day two continued to explore REACH and CLP enforcement and looked into global enforcement of chemical regulations in addition to:

  • Harmonisation of enforcement
  • Enforcement in practice in Europe elsewhere in the world   

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Enforcement Summit Europe 2018, 25-25 September, Brussels, Belgium

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